About us

About us

We grow alongside you

Founded in 1991 by three partners who had previously worked in the most remarkable Italian companies for spray painting, the company’s mission was to give counselor and support to the local painters by providing the most innovative solutions available on the markets.

Through the years the goals of our company developed, and other than being a distributor, Val Spray has started to produce its own line of machines and accessories, always keeping in mind the evolution of the market and preserving mutual partnerships with the major brands of the field, which have also found in us a reliable partner with the ability to produce articles based on their needs.

Nowadays our market has expanded, and we started to produce and supply our own products for spray painting, sandblasting, bonding and dosing to numerous dealers all over Italy, and also developing great partnership in Europe and across the sea!

Val Spray supplies hundreds of dealers all over the world, and thanks to our Know How we can give them the support and advice needed to handle everyday challenges.

We are proud of our brand, built step by step in 27 years of history. Always committed with all our efforts to make it grow alongside our clients and partners by being more and more present on the market.


Made for your needs

Always update with the changes of the industry, our company is constantly looking for the latest innovations and resources to be able to offer the most forefront products and let your company save time, efforts and money.

Other than focusing on the support and commercial side, Val Spray has invested along the years in the development of the production. Thanks to different upgrades, the manufacturing department is now equipped with a wide range of numeric control centers of the most innovative technology to increase the volume and improve the production quality, but most of all in order to lessen the costs and allow our client to have the best products at the most competitive prices.

The strength of our company, other than our wide range of products, is the capability to create even small personalized productions for our Dealers, aimed to satisfy even the most demanding applications.

Custumer Service

Guidance and cooperation

Among the years, to support and manage in the best way the requests of our clients and to be ready to welcome and guide our new partners, Val Spray has created and developed a dedicated foreign trade office. Young and prepared people, always up to date with the many novelty of the market, thanks to our team we created a solid and reliable support team for your everyday needs.

By dividing the national market from the international one, we can guarantee our client a direct contact with our trusted sales assistants, creating a cooperation that we consider essential to grow business relationships.


Wherever you are

Val Spray has been working for more than 20 years with the most reliable forwarders in the world, ensuring to our clients a great deal for both products and services.

We currently ship national orders in an average of 24/48 h, thanks to our logistic team and the great availability of our warehouse. Shipping is always calculated to get you the best advantages and with the best charges, based on the urgency of the order and the regulations of the country of destination.

For our clients outside the EU, the foreign trade team is always updated on the regulations and laws of the countries to which we export to, allowing you to not worry about the paperwork and be available to solve any issue or demand from the custom.