Join the team

Join the team

Val Spray’s mission is to be as resourceful as possible for our clients in order to guide them in the selection of the perfect product for their needs, this goal can only be achieved through our customer care office, the technical support office and our great network of dealers in Italy and all other the world.

We value every client demand, and always strive to find the most fitting solution for every demand: investing in manufacturing to improve the existing products, creating new ones to broaden our selection, and especially contributing to the ongoing training of our team, both on the technical progress and the recent developments of the market.

Our main goal is to widen our network of costumer care and technical support, strengthening our long-term relationships and growing brand-new collaborations with constant upgrades.

Which are the advantages of being one of our dealers?

  • Dedicated sales team to follow you through every day problems and needs, complete assistance on technical support for every machine on the market (documentation, manuals, spare parts etc.)
  • Marketing and promotional support with documents for your retail promotion such as brochures, pamphlets, catalogues, demo instruction and etc
  • Training on the field in our headquarter in Brembate di Sopra for technical coaching on repairs, servicing and product counseling
  • Support 24/7 on our website, soon to be online in the product section there will be plenty of material on our products to access at every need


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